Reform in the mathematics curriculum.

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As per the census, India constitutes the biggest force in terms of youth and one of the ways to get a productive outcome from such a force is by properly educating them especially at the primary level. One of the most important subjects that governs the living of beings is mathematics, a subject greatly enriched by the Indians in the ancient past. Now at present our educational system primarily follows the British pedagogy for imparting education and recently it was known that now the British themselves have embraced the Chinese technique for teaching mathematics at their schools while we are still clinging to their techniques. It's time that the government takes note of these things and makes amend in accordance for the the benefit of our educational system for obtaining optimum productvitpr from the students.  It's a very small change that will take time to show it's effect but that's how a developed society is built by making these small changes. I hereby request the HRD ministry of Government of India to take a note of this miniscule change and take actions accordingly for an enhanced productivity of education.