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Abolition of 90 days notice period cartelization practice in Indian Services sector

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In contrast to the global conventions of respecting labour choices, individual wellbeing and rights, fair employment practices, and what have you;  it is becoming more and more common among Indian firms, more so in the software and services sector, to hold their so-called people assets at ransom, for instance, say at least by:


1) exploiting the position of a needy, prospective workforce candidate by having them agree to 90 days severance clauses on appointment letters; with some audacious groups like Tatas even having bespoke versions whereby the company may offer severance pay in lieu of the term but not the other way around.


2)  resorting to unfair negotiation tactics with employment-seeking candidates through recruiters that their candidature may be dropped, no further questions asked, should they not join within a couple of days to weeks; albeit, the company that is threatening thus, does itself invariably have notice period clauses stating 90 days.


In view of the above, and common knowledge that globally HR and other management follows prudent, even if not ethically guided, practices of having adequate fallback plans and reasonably thought out BAU/ operations / transition or project plans, so that a person is not held back more than two weeks after putting down their papers:


- it amounts to unethical and immoral work practices by such Indian companies to force employees to agree to 90-day notice periods on way to exit their companies, but at the same time threaten prospective candidates about dropping their applications if they failed to join them within a couple of weeks if not days, and ironically sign up to a new 90-day notice clause with the new employer.


- the Government should step in before it is too late to retrieve the situation of increasing frustration and consequent injudicious actions, retaliations, or downright burnouts among the human resources in this country, particularly those that are in the software or services sectors, which are being increasingly plagued by the malaise of parasitic executives, token HR managers, nepotism, and various other issues to do with unethical interpersonal interactions, misreporting, and so on.


 Thank you.


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