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Centralization of the 12th board exams.

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Hello friends, 

I am a regular student as you, . This year I passed my Twelfth standard from Odisha state board or popularly called CHSE. I secured a disappointing percentage which I am ashamed of to share with you all. As we can see,   a ton of scams in the correction and evaluation of the answer sheets is doing rounds in the daily news. Be it CBSE or Bihar  state boards scams in the evaluation of the paper have become  the new trend. 

Each passing day we are hearing about a new scam related to board exams. Now my question is, how can you do any mistake in the evaluation of exams which decides the future of the youth?

Don't you all think it requires our attention and support?

Yes it does, because it is the matter of your future  , my future and our future. I haven't scored well so I am scrapped off all the opportunities to prove myself. Why?   In today's scenario,  how can we say that marks don't matter much , when we can see it clearly does. 

Why do we have such discrimination? People who secure high marks are only eligible to get into popular colleges not we. 

As we have different state boards we can clearly make out the huge difference in the marking schemes . While one state board is lenient the other is not, while one student is passing with higher marks than expected the other passes with a  mere pass mark despite the fact that both having the same intellectual level and the amount of hard work labour done by both of them is the same.

But when its about the results the student who studied in the board with the lenient marking scheme gets higher grades. 

So was the other student  incapable?? 


He couldn't make it because he was not enrolled with the lenient board. That's it! 

Since he was unable to secure great grades he would not be allowed to take admissions in the best colleges. 

I want to ask , if we do not have a centralised evaluation of the 12th exams how can we measure the students from different boards on one scale  nationwide while giving them admissions in colleges? 

So the purpose of this petition is to make sure that at least the 12th boards should be centralized so that the students don't face any discrimination regarding their admission into different colleges and universities. 

If we are to be measured on a single scale after appearing our 12th boards nationally so should the exams be conducted and answer sheets evaluated by a single national board or a single authority should be responsible for this examination . 

I plead for your support regarding this matter because it is about our future. If we win the whole of India wins. 


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