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2 Child Policy & Enforcement in India

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Resources are limited, irresponsible reproduction, Dooms day is not far:

Indian population ( Human ) is increasing like anything, can we expand our geographical boundaries ?, is our Oxygen Generation Increasing ?, does food production increasing ?. do we have enough water ?

Even if we increase above said elements ( practically not possible beyond certain level) of life, it will always be limited, but who cares we will still increasing like the way we are increasing.

I hear peoples suggesting different solutions : e.g Flyovers for traffic jam, Air Purifiers/masks  for Air pollution, scientific agriculture for additional food, investment from foreign companies for jobs, increasing schools/colleges  for education,does it will resolve the problems completely, Answer is "No", It may resolve it temporarily for current population, however as i said we are reproducing irresponsibly and exponentially very soon we will need further expansion, question is how can we expand things needed life on earth endlessly when we have limited natural resources

Make a questionnaire by yourself for the problems you are facing and multiply it by modest number you want, do you see any any solution being proposed today will solve it " Question yourself"

Make a law and enforce it, give Indian citizens 1 year as time to plan their family, post that one year if any parent want to have 3rd child they must pay heavy penalty, when i say heavy is should be heavy enough for some to pay, parents not be allowed to do job for Govt. organizations /PSUs, Family should not be given any reservation/Subsidy, No Govt. Aid, taxes must increase by 2 folds and much more, we have Adhaar to track the birth ( if not 100% penetration still ~ 80%+ penetration from some online source)

Only answer to all the problem is to "limit human reproduction" for next 20-30 years to max 2 Child Per pair of Parents in India (either of Parent can not be common) 

I know it sounds harsh and cruel, but this is the need of the hour, mere moral lectures will not help, i am not against any religion or any belief system, this is for "India" "our children" "our upcoming generations", or else we will see them fighting for literally anything and everything but still they will not get what they deserve

Clean Air, Clean Water, Healthy food, No Jam road, place to live, to be educated, to be earning proudly are rights of our next generation which we are destroying 

Let us step forward to make it happen, let our coming generation live like humans, i do not want our kids to wear masks 24 hours for clean Air, 4 hours journey for 15 KMs, starving for food, going crazy for jobs, and the worst one suicides due to scarcity of anything and everything needed for life.

Let us take action before its too late, let's get this voice to reach Indian Government to make strong Law and enforce so that our upcoming generation live life they deserve. 

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