NEET exam attempts

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While the coming together of multiple medical entrance exam into one common exam (NEET) has been a big relief students who earlier had to give a plethora of entrance exams. At the same time, this has also resulted in huge pressure on students as their entire future now depends on a three hour exam. If by any chance a student is not well or not upto it for that one session, he has to give up his life ambition or again toil for another full year to give the exam next year – under even greater tension.

In contrast, if we look at international pattern, exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE etc can be given multiple times in a year and give the student multiple chances so that he is able to give his best – and his true value can be evaluated by the reviewing institution.

Recent news items indicate that the same principle is likely to be extended to JEE and the exam will be held three times a year and best of three attempts will be considered.

In the interest of reducing pressure on students and allowing them to give their best, without the sword hanging on their necks, it is essential that the same pattern is adopted for the NEET. Reducing this pressure will in fact help in selection of best and most capable students for the medical profession and be a great service to the nation, which desperately needs more, good/ dedicated doctors.

This is an online petition to the Ministry of HRD, AICTE & PMO to review the NEET exam pattern and allow three attempts in the period between end of board exams and start of admission process ( say 1st April to 15th June) with best score out of three attempts being considered for the final ranking of students.