Protest for Women and Children safety-May 7th

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Its high time we voice out and DEMAND safety measures to  ensure NO MORE rape incidents occur in our country. We want the rotten intention of woman child abuse to DREAD.

***We want stringent implementation of LAWS AND  RULES around ensuring our safety***

How can we contribute to voice out :
What do we do :Let us(mostly women and children) not go out , let's not work and protest this one day on may 7th, Monday.

Why : we want the country to realise that we are feeling unsafe and do everything it takes to make us feel safe and assure there are no more incidents of Rape , in our country.

Put your dp on all social media as a plane black space.Let's black out!!
Why : it reminds us everyday of our national protest on and until may 7th.

Why may7th : it's a Monday, working day, the productivity is usually high and the difference is prominent. Also, we will have enough time for people to enroll into this protest by then, hopefully.

Thank you for your efforts.

A Woman citizen