Cancel class 12 Economics exam retest

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It is completely unfair to re-conduct class 12 Economics board exam. Lakhs of students who did not have the leaked paper will be unnecessarily penalised and demoralised.

Also, thousands of students had Engineering subjects with Economics. They have to take their JEE and other entrance exams starting 8th April upto May-end. Their future careers depend upon their performance in these entrance exams, not on the board marks. If they mess up their entrance exams because of the CBSE's incompetence in not keeping the board papers secure, who will be responsible for their ruined future prospects?

Moreover, almost all the papers were leaked this year. Why retake only Economics? Either re-conduct the entire board exams or not at all. Or maybe declare this a zero year, pass everyone and have all colleges conduct entrance exams for admissions. This way, those who actually studied will be rewarded and those who adopted unfair means will be punished.