No Re-test Please

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Hon’ble Minister,

The decision of conducting re-test as a fig leaf to a blunder created by the loose system of CBSE is despicable and doesn’t auger maturity of a seasoned Govt. We as parents expected a pragmatic and considerate solution to this iniquitous event. The news about the hon’ble Minister giving own example of being a parent was heartening and had ruled out the outrageous decision of re-test. But it was nothing but Chimera! The children are in shock and we as parents are absolutely helpless to motivate them to trust the system. Large No of entrances and counselling events are clashing with 25 April re-test. Tickets & accomodation have been booked and unfortunately the young child is in a poor state of quandary. May we, as responsible citizens yearn and request your good offices to review this decision and do away with the ruthless re-test which is by no means correcting the flaws of paper leaks. Please prove the flawless system in the next cbse bd exams. Please realise that, there’s NO fault of children in any manner. It’s like a cook of your cookhouse poisoning the food consumed by just a few children - resulting in action of punishing all the children, who are not at all aware of cooking. Please catch hold of the miscreants in own cookhouse. For the sake of our young generation, please review this decision and keep the hopes of your and our children alive in our Govt. ��