CBSE must conduct Mathematics exam all over India

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 This is a petition regarding the recent decision and changes made by CBSE(central Board Of Secondary Education ). The following month i.e March. We had our class 10 and 12 board exam and due to some leak of the question paper in various region of India, almost 28 Lakhs students are affected.

We want the CBSE to re-think on the decision made regarding the class 10 Maths examination to only conduct in DELHI,NCR and HARYANA.

It is clearly states that the CBSE has made its announcement under a high pressure by various factors.

But we want that CBSE should conduct re-examination for class 10 (MATHEMATICS) all over India. It will be a fair and transparent exam which will allow the students to re-appear. Due to technological advancement, it may be possible that the question paper have passed to other regions of India.

By conducting the exam, all over India. It will be equal and fair point of examination for all students.

It is probably equally possible that the question paper of Mathematics (subject code no 041) have spread and is affected by students staying in other regions. If it is so, the students who have prepared less; by cheating means can secure good marks than the student who have done a very hard labour to earn his good marks

Now if the exams are only conducted in DELHI, NCR AND HARYANA . And the maths exam might be easier than the older one. Then it will be not a proper conduct. As the other students appear  a different and lengthy paper while now the DELHI and HARYANA students will appear for easy question paper.

So, we want the CBSE to re-think and re- schedule the dates for examination of class 10 Maths and to conduct all over India.

- By the students of class 10