Bhagwad Gita teachings should be made part of school curriculum in India

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Every child deserves a complete education.   If the curriculum does not teach a child on how one should live his life, the education can in  no way be considered complete.

Children are our nation's human resources of tomorrow.  Lets not keep depriving our nation of strong human resources.

The Gita is a manual on how to live life.  It has knowledge on the right and the wrong, the good and the bad.   It teaches us the utmost priority to Karma Yoga - performing one's duties to the best of one's abilities.  If we do not equip our children with these foundation, they are definitely not prepared to face life's challenges, or be good citizens of society.

The principle guiding books of the world's leading religion - the Gita, the Bible and the Koran; are essential in providing guidance to its readers.

As a nation we owe it to our children - we must share with them the teachings of the Gita - which will help them to grown up to be better citizens of our great nation and also ideal global citizens.

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