Remaining cbse board exams must be cancelled this year as the situation is becoming worse

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As the growth of covid 19 is rapid in india and the situation is becoming worse , so taking the remaining boards exams is the worst decision ever in such a situation.                                                                                           CBSE board exams have been already cancelled for the students abroad in view of the rising covid cases. THEN WHY CBSE CAN'T CANCEL THE REMAINING EXAMS IN INDIA ALSO????                                                     As only one exam is remaining so CBSE can easily work out  for giving Marks in the remaining subject on the basis of average Marks in other subjects. Government should see that safety must be the first priority for the students.  Although the social distancing can be achieved in the classrooms but what about outside the school and classroom?? The virus is so dangerous that it is spreading even through the money exchange then how it would be controlled only  by maintaining social distancing in the classrooms??  How it would ensure that students will maintain social distancing outside also??                     We have to understand the situation and act very carefully . CBSE exams are not more important than the lives of the people and if other countries can work out with the best possible decisions on the exams then why can't india??                                                           As the government is not taking the situation into consideration and not working out with the good decisions so we have to take our own stand . Now we have fight for our good ourselves and let the government also to hear our voice . Please sign this petition and forward to all the students who do not want to give exams at the stake of their lives . We all have to fight together in this pandemic situation.