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Clapping happens when two hands involved. Also control of corona virus requires two things,

1. Govt

2. Citizens.

Govt is doing all to control it but citizens not doing their basic duty i.e. social distancing, use of mask etc. Hence cases are increasing. On 3rd May, the date of NEET, they were 50k only. This trend will continue further.

Statastics of covid 19 is important. 95% patients are asymptomatic or mild which can be managed at home. Only 5% requires hospitalization with death rate is 2.3%. This death rate is far less than of other diseases including suicides.

For last 5 months we are quarantined at home doing only study which is now laxed because of uncertainty, anxiety and negative thoughts still we are stretching but there is limit beyond that we are finished. Only God knows.

Recently AIIMS, Delhi suggested SOP for conduct of JEE and NEET.  We assure you we follow social distancing, mask, sanitizer at Center during entry and exit. We bring only one parent to avoid crowding. In doubt we quarantine ourselves for 14 days after exam as precaution.

Our Prayer is to hold these exams on schedule dates as we can no longer stretch it as it may cause damage more than covid.