Age-diverse workforce management for HR managers

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The European workforce today is more age-diverse than ever before. Representatives of five different generations are now working together in teams where communication and teamwork are crucial for the prosperity of organizations. This is what makes the role of HR professionals significant. HR managers have to ensure that employees of various generations work together in an effective and productive way. To do this HR professionals need support and an easy access to evidence-based and user friendly training materials that will help them better understand generations in the workplace and acquire the tools to ensure fluent communication and collaboration.

 Age-diverse workforce management for HR managers (HR4AD) is a project financed by the Erasmus+ Programme. The objective of the project is to develop CVET training resources, based on collected data and sector needs’ analysis, as well as VET world evidence regarding the HR management of age-diversity. The HR4AD project partnership produced up-to-date CVET resources with the support of HR managers and VET providers in Europe, in effort to develop a training course that addresses the challenges of age-diversity in the workplace.

The developed Open Educational Resources contain educational materials, such as lecture notes, presentations, real-life case studies,exercises, which provide HR managers with a training toolkit on the topic. What is more, the HR4AD project partnership has developed an online serious game that allows learners to take up high quality training in a self-paced and personalized manner.  

You can download and review the developed materials from the website of the project: 

If you think that the Open Educational Resources and the game-based pedagogy form a useful toolkit for the upgrade of the knowledge and skills of HR professionals to manage age-diversity in the workplace, please support us by signing this statement.

By signing the statement, you join a network of professionals engaged with the topic of age-diversity, ready to share good practices and exchange experience, for a better understanding of the challenges ahead and for the enrichment of knowledge and skills in the management of age-diversity.  When you sign, please fill in also your organization and position /you can use the comment box/.

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