SHRM must support Black Lives Matter & the LGBTQ community

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Human resources is at the forefront of building inclusive, diverse, and welcoming workplaces.  For too long, the world's largest HR association, the Society for Human Resources Management, has abrogated its voice under the guise of "policy not politics" when the policies hurt our LGBTQ, Black, Brown, and people of color communities.  Instead, SHRM capitulated to the political interests of the right while ignoring the outcry of its members.  For example, SHRM has remained silent while protections for the LGBTQ community have been eliminated.  Another, SHRM issued a milquetoast, whitewashed statement following peaceful protests demanding Black Lives Matter, focusing instead on the lives of law enforcement.

It is time SHRM lead - to demand Black Lives Matter, to vigorously advocate for protections for our LGBTQ employees, to actively seek to end the inequalities that run rampant in workplaces, and to help HR fight for the humanity in all of us.  You can't be in HR if you don't believe in human rights and dignity.  

This petition asks HR professionals, current and former SHRM members, and those who work with HR to demand SHRM live up to its value of building a "world of work that works for all."