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HR 2306- End Marijuana Prohibition and Legalize Possession of Marijuana NOW!

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Nearly one million people are in jail in the United States for non-violent crimes involving marijuana. The purpose of this petition is to gather enough signatures to bring  this to the peoples attention. 

Having in your possession over one ounce of Marijuana in Alabama will have you charged and arrested for a class C Felony offense. That is ridiculous and absurd. There's no reason why a person should receive a minimum of five years in prison for a simple marijuana possession. For more information about NORML and Alabama Marijuana Penalties please visit .
Sign this petition if you believe Marijuana possession should be a lesser offense such as fines with no arrest. After all, the only reason why marijuana is illegal is so the government can make money by arresting people in possession of it. Marijuana is only a plant, and if a person just so happens to decide to use it, they shouldn't penalize that person so harshly. Maybe if they want to earn a revenue, they can decriminalize it, sell it under doctors recommendation and limit the use to persons 21 or older and the government could earn revenue on it. If you're with me, sign the PETITION TO LEGALIZE MARIJUANA POSSESSION today!

The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011

Congressmen Barney Frank (D) and Ron Paul (R) along with several other members of Congress have introduced a bill that could end the prohibition of marijuana/cannabis in this country. HR 2306 would end the prohibition of marijuana for U.S. adults.


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