Let Scott Rogowsky Host One Last HQ show as a Farewell Broadcast

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About 3 weeks ago, Scott Rogowsky, a former HQ Trivia Host, announced that he had accepted a job as a host on a new baseball show called ChangeUp. Unfortunately, HQ denied him the opportunity to stick with them and host the live trivia show concurrently. While Scott expected to just host less often, or perhaps only on weekends, HQ cut him off completely and moved on as if nothing had happened. They did not even give him a chance to say goodbye.

We cannot stand for this. While it would be ideal to have Scott host on weekends, it's not our decision whether or not he stays with them. However, it would be nice to see him bless our screens one last time to say goodbye to all his HQties who love him and have grown close to him over the last year or two. All we are asking for, is one last broadcast with Scott, so he can get his feeling across clearly and give everyone a loving and sincere goodbye.

I started this petition because...
HQ has changed Scott's life and it's not fair that they can take this away from him so abruptly. Scott has bought joy and smiles to so many people over the years and many people will be sad to see him go. HQ simply will not be the same without him. One last game, that's all we want.