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Keep hot food at the ALC

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We would like for the the Arun Leisure Centre to keep the hot food availability inside the Cafe area. This is because you get a lot of customers from Sixth Form at the next door school (Felpham Community College) and it is a trend for them to go to the Cafe and buy a selection of hot foods. One of the most popular being portions of chips and curly fries.

I am also sure a lot of other customers from other background would be upset to hear that the ALC are getting rid of being served hot food to complement one of their other services that the Sports Leisure provides.

We also wish that the staff that serve the Cafe stop eating their personal foods at the serving desk due to hygiene purposes, it can be disturbing whilst eating food served from that area. (Personally) I once saw the server eating a greasy sandwich whilst sitting down and playing computer games where you go to order!

Going back to the removing of hot food. I personally know several other sixth former who are no happy with this news, as it will limit their accessibility to buy the trendy meal; chips. The ALC clearly makes a lot of money out of selling these types of products to us sixth former's, this is clearly shown is the fact that some days the whole queue of customers is made out of sixth form students from FCC.

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