At a cinema near you- Sexual assault, pedophilia and vulnerable children

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This school holidays Hoyts, Village and other cinemas will be showing your children a movie called Show Dogs. As innocent as it may seem, the truth is much sinister. 

This movie shows a dog who is undercover in a show (A doggy pageant) In order to win Max the dog is subjected to fondling to get ahead and to take the crown. In the movie it is shown that this is how you win.

At the end of the movie where you expect Max to win the day and blow the whistle on this disgusting sex ring you sadly see Max being fondled for the very last time. Instead of standing against it he is so traumatised that he goes into a zen place to cope with what is happening to him.

Not only does this make sexual assault seem trivial, it is also grooming our kids to think it is okay, not to mention the trigger it may have on children who may of already experienced sexual abuse.