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My husband and I are building a new school for Elementary grades within the Howard-Suamico School District. We are asking for community support for our Non-Profit School, New Leaf Prep Academy so that we are granted as a Charter school. This will allow all families who value our vision to have an alternative school option for their children regardless of their socio-economic status.


A charter school is a public school that students may choose to enroll in, but do not have to pay tuition for. Charter schools have different offerings than the public schools that they run beside and give families an alternate option to traditional education. In Wisconsin, the dollars allocated for each child's education follow the child to the public school of their choice.

Infrastructure is a huge cost on taxpayers and this would alleviate that burden and still allow for a new option to be available and additional spots for Elementary Students within the district. If you feel this will benefit your family and the community as much as we do please sign our petition!


New Leaf Prep Academy’s Curriculum will focus on the whole child through highly researched, hands-on teaching philosophies, mainly the Montessori Method. Hands-on learning is a proven way to keep students more engaged and increase retention. This form of teaching will also aid children in becoming critical thinkers, problem solvers, and help them to make sense of the world around them without gaining skills at the expense of actual knowledge. Our holistic approach to learning examines all avenues that will affect lifelong student success including each child’s academic skills, such as math and literacy skills, but also their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. A minimalist environment free of technological distractions will aid in calming their mind and body and enable them to focus on the lessons and material at hand. New Leaf Prep Academy will feature low teacher to child ratios maxing out at 1:13 so students can safely learn through trial and error. Sensory-based and self-directed learning through nature exploration is a major component of our programming in addition to learning practical life skills like getting dressed and caring for one's environment.

Our classrooms, indoor and out, act as a second teacher with carefully chosen developmentally appropriate works and self-correcting materials that are organized to support maximum growth and exploration in a diverse range of fields cohesive with the traditional Montessori Method. In addition, these works and self-correcting materials accommodate the developmental needs of each student within the classroom allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace and according to their interests. All aspects of our curriculum will be carried out in a toxic-free, natural-minded environment with very limited use of technology.


Accompanying our spacious classrooms New Leaf Prep Academy will feature a flex gymnasium (which will double as a cafeteria), art room, library and outdoor play scape learning environment like you have never seen before. Additionally, our cafeteria will serve only healthy and organic options that have higher antioxidant levels and prevent buildup from toxic laced foods to work with our student's bodies and brains.


Our curriculum is based on the highly researched Montessori Philosophy and will help children to develop through a holistic, whole-child approach to create confident leaders, problem solvers, and self-driven successful individuals! But don't take our word for it. Many successful accomplished CEOs, business leaders, artists, and innovators received education in Montessori Schools, and often credit their success in part to the methodology. This includes people such as Larry Page and Sergei Brin, the founders of Google; Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon; Grammy Award-winning artist Taylor Swift; inventor Thomas Edison, and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Even Harvard credits Montessori as an essential building block for success in later life!

With more than 300 public schools in the United States using the Montessori Method, 150 of them being charter schools there is a great deal of backing behind the highly researched method. In a longitudinal study conducted by individuals from the Department of Psychology and Department of Education found that although test scores started at the same base point between traditionally educated children and children taught through the Montessori Method over time the children educated through the Montessori Method made greater strides in academic achievement, social understanding, and mastery orientation. Montessori students also scored higher on their executive function when tested at 4 years old.

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Montessori Outcomes: Longitudinal Study