Howard County Public School System-Theater UnMasked

Howard County Public School System-Theater UnMasked

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Started by Aaron Sorak

Performance Unmasked

Athletes participating in indoor sports like volleyball and basketball are permitted to remove their masks while practicing and competing. It's important for athletes to be able to compete without the obstruction of the mask, so this decision made by the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) makes perfect sense. However, it's just as important for actors to have this same privilege. This is why it's time to have Performance Unmasked. 

Masks have profound effects on actors and performer' abilities to get the message across. There are three main aspects important to acting: body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. Masks obviously greatly affect two of these. Covered faces and muffled voices make for a lackluster viewing and performing experience and it's important to change that. There should be no "priority" of athletes over arts students, as this unfair implementation of the rules clearly shows.

The only requirement from HCPSS of the athletes who get to take off their masks is proof of vaccination. If this is the only thing that is needed for HCPSS to deem a student safe to unmask during after-school activities, this requirement should be extended to the performing arts programs. Now that the need for actors to have the privilege of unmasking themselves is exposed, it's time for Performance Unmasked.

Please sign this petition to tell HCPSS School Board to be consistent and unmask our performing arts students too.

Brought to you by a student athlete and performer,

Aaron Sorak, Centennial High School, Ellicott City, MD Class of 2022

441 have signed. Let’s get to 500!