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Petition to Return the Howard County Soldiers Monument

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County Executive Allan Kittleman,                                                                                            

How very disappointing that Howard County has chosen to remove and desecrate a Veterans Monument, honoring those individuals that served the Confederacy.

The narrative being advanced that these individuals were fighting to preserve slavery is completely false. These individuals joined the Confederate Army in the summer of 1861, while President Lincoln was still forwarding the Corwin Amendment to the respective States for ratification.The Corwin Amendment would have preserved chattel slavery in perpetuity

The preservation, or elimination of slavery was certainly not a motivation for these men serving the Confederate Cause. President Lincoln had publicly stated he had no right or intention to interfere with slavery where it existed. Rather, these men were responding to the invasion and occupation of Maryland by Federal troops, the ordered arrest of members of the Maryland General Assembly, and the suspension of Constitutionally guaranteed rights including habeas corpus and freedom of the press.

Like their ancestors who opposed the tyranny of King George lll, these men sacrificed their all in support of the Constitutional principles in which they believed.To besmirch their sacrifice and dishonor their monument with a false and historically inaccurate narrative is unconscionable.

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