November 7, 2022
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Started by Akot Makur Maluac
    By: Akot Makur Maluac.

  • One of the core ideas on sustainable development is applying a long-term perspective to take account of the famous 'future generations'. Applying a long-term perspective is not easy but makes it possible to address risks that are unlikely to be realized in the short term, such as the pandemic or the climate change.
  • How could we incorporate the long-term perspective into the strategy and planning cycles currently applied in public adminstration?

     Let us take a look, by way of example, at the different approaches that the South Sudan government and IGAD together with other international organizations have repeatedly tried to initiate the peace deal for over years. The international community decided to to prepare no strategy, whereas the South Sudan government based it's peace sustainable development strategy, issues as government report, on it's existing programme. It seems that in both cases, it is very difficult to introduce new initiatives in the middle of the programe.

    Taking account of the future generations was one of the key themes that was reported in the peace process that was signed last year in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. The term 'sustainable Development' was actually introduced in the reports and it's the main reason that the R-TGONU was formed. But what happened? Is the South Sudan government planning to form another peace initiating body or planning to repurpose the peace promises and go back for another round table? Recent reports says the final peace agreement will extend till 2023,on what account? If such extension is not clarified would let to public's doubt as to when the promised peace will last be achieved in the Republic of South Sudan.

    In recent years, the U. N tried it's best to adopt the resolutions for the time span begging both sides to sign the lasting peace agreement. Although this exceeds conventional budget or five-year cycles, it does not extend beyond generations. Nevertheless, it is not easy to incorporate the 8-year strategies of public adminstration (Unification of the army). Unification of the army should be the first strategy in order for the lasting peace to prevail. When the army is unified, that means the government is one and not two like the way it is now. Therefore doing such will bring sustainable development and good governance.

    A good governance policy allows developing countries achieve minimum economic growth and political reforms in order to reach a level of Development similar to that of industrialized Countries. In this article, I focuse on the term 'Sustainable Development' as a key themes. To achieve this you have to quickly acknowledge the promises that you made as a government with clear watch from the international community.

    My contribution is to examine the concept of good governance and the failure of States taking into account the level of Development and governance capacity based on structure and distribution of political power that evolves over time within the R-TGONU and may or may not be positive for growth. The assumption I make here is that the so-called sustainable development policies are relevant only if Countries like South Sudan reach an adequate level of economic and social Development that enable institutions of good governance to boost growth. 

    Concerned Citizen.



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Signatures: 406Next Goal: 500
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