How much is your family members life worth?

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Summary: Sentencing laws in California are unfair to multiple death victims

Personal story: My son along with his teammate were killed by a drunk driver. Because of the way the law is written, the max she can get for the first victim is 10 years and any subsequent victim after that is only 2 years! The max SHOULD be 10 years for each life, then based on the circumstances of the particular case the judge can decide on a final sentence. The way it’s written now, the first life is worth 10 years and each life they take after that is only worth 2!!! That is an injustice and insult to the victims and their families!

The issue: Change the sentencing laws to allow for the maximum sentence for EACH victim! My 17 year old son had his whole life ahead of him and because of the many WRONG AND IRRESPONSIBLE choices she made, she might only receive a total of 12 years! Disgraceful!

Take action! It’s about time drunk drivers take responsibility for their actions and they should have to pay with more than what I think amounts to a slap on the wrist. Send a message that might make someone think before they make stupid choices and maybe we can save a few lives in the future.

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