Make Melee Great Again

Make Melee Great Again

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Why this petition matters

This morning at 3:03AM PST I was brought into Discord by our Guild Leader Neonblade who, after a month ago, asking me to leave behind the world I knew as a Fury Warrior, and become the God Shaman ENHANCEMENT BUILD I knew I was destined for, LAST MINUTE, asks me to switch YET AGAIN! TO eLeMeNtAl?!

I got suspended for some fake news brought against me by Blizzard Activision Microsoft right before the phsae 3 launch and now that I'm back, ready to grind out 70 and become Lord of Goats and Stormstrike.
Now I have been told I must leave Fury Warrior for NOT JUST A SHAMAN. But an elemental Shaman. 

Why is this bad?
Argument 1.
You lose sweeping strikes whirlwind as Fury
Argument 2. 
You lose my amazing Windfury as ENH
Argument 3.
Elemental gear is ugly for female Draenei
Argument 4.
Argument 5
Molten Fists

Leaving me as a Fury Warrior is great for progression! So much Damage! So much fun! So many times I cast Sweeping Strikes and provide my T2 + Badge Battle Shout for Maximum Daaaaymage

Making me enhance allows us to keep windfury up for Group 3, while the other shamans can do other shit elsewhere.

Making me elemental just boosts the warlocks, gimps group 3 and prevents me from being amazing.

This concludes my petition, thank you for your time.
Neonblade must not have his way!

16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!