Matthew Leahy RIP HOW and WHY did my son really die?

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Update to all of you supporting my call

We have already completed a UK government petition with 105580 UK citizens supporting a call for a Statutory Public Inquiry into the death of my son Matthew James Leahy.

It was stopped early and many didn’t get to sign.

Due to this petition I am now aware that the problems with mental health services are not limited to just the UK, so this is an opportunity now for this issue to become an international concern.

So here I am just b4 Christmas asking each and every one of you to share this petition everywhere you possibly can.

All over the world.

Lets save lives together. My sons death can be a learning curve for mental health services all over the world. 

Please help by sharing and signing.

Please also spare thought for all those who currently need services and are limited by the quality of care available.

We must fight for the improvements needed.


Bless each and every one of you xxx

Melanie Leahy
8 months ago