Houston Texans: Fire Bill O’Brien

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Henry Chavarria
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As a native resident of Houston, and a lover of football, I long to see the Houston Texans win a Super Bowl. We have the players, and we’re in our prime. Our team is fully capable of making our way to the national championship... Only one thing stands in our way. The HORRIBLE coaching from Bill O’Brien is ANNIHILATING our chances for this team to go anywhere. The play calls are bad, the decision making is bad, and so many other things are just plain BAD. O’Brien acts as his own offensive coordinator, and he’s horrible at it. It makes me sick to see our amazing offense crumble because of a bad playcall. He cannot coach a pro football team; It just isn’t working. This is my plea to Cary McNair and the Texans: PLEASE get a new head coach! This is the only way to get to the Super Bowl!


(Also, deepest condolences to the family and friends of Robert McNair. He was a good man.)