Fire Jack Easterby and Save Deshaun Watson

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The Houston Texans Franchise is currently at a major crossroads. During the 2020 season, the Texans achieved a mediocre 4-12 record. While there are many people to blame for this sad state of affairs, the two main culprits are clear: Bill O'Brien and Jack Easterby. While many of you are likely familiar with the former GM and Head Coach of the Texans, Bill O'Brien, there is a lesser known figure by the name of Jack Easterby, the Executive VP of football operations, who may shoulder more of the blame for the current state of the Texans even more than O'Brien. 

Jack Easterby is by all accounts a good man who has helped lead and inspire many young athletes over their careers. However, being a good Christian does not qualify you to have a large influence over personnel decisions, nor does it qualify you to establish a team culture. These are both things that Easterby has undertaken during his tenure with the Texans. A former chaplain for the New England Patriots,  Easterby has somehow risen through the ranks of the Texans organization and is now considered by many to be the right hand man of Owner, Cal Mcnair. I highly reccomend reading this article by sports illustrated to gain a deeper understanding of exactly how Jack Easterby is leading the Texans down a path that will not only lead to being a mediocre football team, but alienating multiple members of the staff and more importantly, the players. 

On the other side of the coin is Deshaun Watson. I can't really say more about Deshaun other than he's one of the best players in football today. He signed a massive contract extension in the offseason, and deservedly so. With a ragtag receiving corps for much of the year, Watson led the NFL in passing this season. Aside from that, Deshaun is a great humanitarian and has been since entering the League in 2017. He is a generational talent, and beyond that he's a generational player, similar to JJ Watt in his ability to not only impact a football game but the community at large. He is too important of a person to squander years of his professional career like this past year, and I fear that will continue to happen if Easterby remains.

It has become increasingly more clear in recent days that Deshaun is not happy with the leadership in the Texans front office, saying on Sunday, "We need a whole culture shift. We need new energy. We need discipline, we need structure, we need a leader. We've got to have love for people and people in this organization." 

Jack Easterby is the man who created the current culture on Kirby Drive in Houston.

What was the Texans' response to their young star publicly clamoring for a shift in culture, a fresh start? They went out and hired Nick Caserio, director of player personnel for the New England Patriots, and by all accounts one of Jack Easterby's best friends.

More. of. the. same.

It's too early to judge Caserio, and in a vacuum it seems like a strong hire. He was part of multiple Super Bowl winning teams in New England and is credited as being a man obsessed with establishing a winning culture and creating a championship caliber team. But, his first move as GM needs to be to fire Jack Easterby. Easterby has overstayed his welcome in Houston, and while it doesn't sit well with me to campaign for another man to lose his job in the middle of a pandemic, I don't care. There is too much at stake to keep this man as part of the Texans.

Reports have come out in the league this morning that Deshaun has discussed the possibility of a trade out of Houston, something that the Texans franchise could likely never recover from.

So please, sign my petition and help rescue Deshaun Watson. The Texans already squandered the hall of fame careers of Andre Johnson, JJ Watt, and traded away Deandre Hopkins (in large part due to Easterby). If you care about the NFL and Deshaun Watson as an athlete and a person then help me get rid of Jack Easterby and get Deshaun the fresh start he needs. Don't do it for the Texans. Do it for Deshaun.