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Justice in the hit-and-run death of Christopher Lee Gaona

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On July 24th, 2010 at approximately 2:15 a.m. my little brother Christopher Lee Gaona was involved in a six vehicle hit-and-run accident on the Gulf Freeway. Of those 6 vehicles 2 cars stopped. HPD has admitted in failing to do their job and excute proper procedure and protocol with my brother's death. Driver of car 1 has never been identified and they gave us the wrong info as to the vehicle we should've been looking for. We would later learn that one driver in particular, Jaclyn Britton, a student at UH-Clearlake would be a driver who would come to light but only for bragging about getting away with hitting a guy on the freeway. It took police 3 days to find Jaclyn and it was only because a co-worker of her's who overheard, happened to be the wife of a Harris County Constable. In the 3 days it took to find Britton,she denied ever being in that area or ever being involved. The only problem is that my brother's remains were found on the bottom of her car. The night that Jaclyn Britton made a conscious decision to not stop after hitting my brother (which by the way her statement admits was because she was intoxicated) was the moment she broke the law. It is a crime in the state of Texas to not stop and render aid. Another important thing you should know is that Miss Britton also knows who car 3 and car 5 were because they were her friends she left the bar with that night. However, she's never given their names and those cars never stopped either. HPDs investigators had all the information they needed and statements they needed to present to the DA's office for charges but conveniently none of that information was ever submitted. The leading investigator on my brother's accident vouched along with 2 other officers that Miss Britton called immediately the next day , however their case file and reports say it took 3 days and THEY had to go looking for HER! The Harris County District Attorney's office has said until the correct report with all that information is re-done (not just a supplemental report) they can not move forward in bringing Jaclyn Britton to justice. This petition is to push HPD to do what is right and to fix the botched investigation and report they submitted to the DA's office. These men and women take sworn oaths to protect and do their jobs. They failed to do that and they failed my brother Christopher, who has left behind a 2 year old son. HPD needs to be held accountable for their negligence. My brother's life mattered and at the end of the day those drivers had a duty and obligation by law to stop and render aid to my brother. We will continue to spread the word and fight until charges are brought against this hit-and-run driver, JACLYN BRITTON and she is held accountable to the law as well!!

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