Save Annie from being put down for reacting after being startled!

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Annie got spooked while at the park with her mom and reacted out of fear when she was startled. She bit the lady who startled her and did her veterinarian check ups as well as her 10 day bite quarantine. The lady said that it’s not enough and wants them to kill Annie. Here is the situation from her moms own words

"Through my tears, I'm posting this to show you where my Annie had to be taken today...Harris County Shelter.

The pain I felt putting her in the dog prison was unbearable....walking away was the hardest thing I have had to do. She won't understand....I just hope she forgives me.
She bit this lady at the park in my neighborhood, July 26th....minor injury...Annie was spooked by her sudden appreance, and in her mind, she was protecting me.

Annie did her 10 day quarantine, and her examin at our veterinarian, all requested by Animal Control. But that was not good enough for this lady, she filed a request at the cort house for Annie to be deemed a danger and in her opinion, needs to be put down. The judge will make the decision, within 10 days.

I rescued Annie from the same shelter in 2018, and we have given her a good home with tons of love from grandkids, Rick and I.

I hope Annie will be protected by God, I hope she will eat and drink water.....I especially hope she will forgive me. Please pray for my Annie. Annie I love you and I am sorry that this is happening to you. There are mean heartless people in this world...To this lady, you have crushed me, and you have destroyed my dogs spirit, your bite will heal, our hearts won't."

We want 5000 signatures as a start to show the judge that the people of the community believe Annie made a mistake, learned her lesson, and only reacted because she was startled. By no means deserving of a death sentence.