City of Houston, honor a true Hurricane Harvey hero: Mattress Mack

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When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last year, thousands of Houstonians and even people from nearby counties and states came to help the millions of people who were affected by the storm, performing rescues and providing food, transportation and shelter.  In the midst of the devastation and in the year since Harvey, one man has stood taller than others in helping the city he loves.  

Jim McIngvale, lovingly known to Houstonians as Mattress Mack is that man.  The owner of Gallery furniture didn't hesitate to help when the rains came, opening both of his stores for flood victims, giving them a place to stay and sleep.  He arranged meals and rest stations for first responders that were tirelessly working to save their city and he's donated furniture and so many mattresses to those who lost everything, helping them begin the process of rebuilding. 

While Houstonians have much to be proud of in how we all came together to help each other, ask anyone who deserves recognition for their efforts in helping Houston recover and the name Mattress Mack will be the one you hear.  The City of Houston has honored and offered proclamations to others for smaller contributions and to not recognize Mattress Mack would be a great injustice.  

Tell the City of Houston and Mayor Sylvester Turner to recognize a man who would never ask for it and gladly stepped up when Houston needed him!  Thank you Mattress Mack!