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December 5th of 2012 a Galleria Mall patron was robbed at gunpoint. This woman's life was threatened by a felon attempting to take advantage of the criminal safe zone. What is a criminal safe zone? An area, business, etc that does not allow law abiding, tax paying, permit holding citizens to protect themselves by means equal to that of the criminal. The only defense this mall could use is that maybe the criminal did not see the sign banning concealed weapons. If you are the type of person who see's a 100% ban on weapons at a local business and thinks to yourself "oh good, no criminal would disobey that sign" than please move on.

The only way to truly ban all weapons is to ask the TSA to open an office at our local mall. Would you like to go through a metal detector every-time you wish to go to the mall, grocery shopping, the movies, out to eat, etc. The security cannot keep petty thieves from pocketing iPod ear-buds and yet they are the only defense our citizens have against armed criminals? Let us not forget the batman mall shooting that killed a dozen innocent movie-goers. I guess if your plan on committing a crime a mall's "no guns" sign isn't going to stop you. Therefore, the only people this sign is keeping out is the permitted, licenesed, taxpaying citizens who wish to protect themselves and their families. 

The people of Middle Georgia strongly believe that it is our right to protect ourselves from criminals in the way our founding fathers' laid forth years ago. ..."the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Many believe that because I cannot carry a police officer in my pocket, I've got the next best thing. In America approx 500 people die each year from the accidental misuse of guns. Everything else being self defense or intended criminal activity. In that same year about 4,600 die from accidental choking. So should you be sitting in the food court the food on your plate is 9 times more likely to kill you than the person legally carrying a concealed weapon next to you.

Study after study shows that defensive gun use prevents more crime than banning guns all together by astounding rates. If you were a robber would you go after the college girl packing a 9mm in her purse or the same girl with some $9.99 pepper spray on her giant key chain? Common sense tells us that criminals, while dumb, are smart enough to prey on the weak. Bring a gun to a mall full of unarmed citizens and you now become the strongest person; while the citizens suffer in the criminal safe zone created by the Houston County Galleria Mall Policy.


Please sign our petition in support of allowing citizens to legally carry concealed. This petition will be given to mall management requesting that their policy be overturned to allow citizens their legal right to carry concealed. We the citizens of Middle Georgia who sign this petition will now shop in fear or not shop at all until this policy is overturned.


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