Stop Jeffrey from being deported to Venezuela! His kids will suffer the most!

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Jheefry Eugenio Canas Ballestas came to USA on a visa. His first wife left him a month later. Then in 2005 I met him .by 2006 we were married have two children. In 2009 he was picked up by immigration.I bonded him out got a lawyer & went to all court dates. He was fingerprinted even given a work visa. Then. Our lawyer decided he didn't want to work for us anymore. He then didn't tell Jeff about his last court date! So January 12 2018 ICE came and arrested him in front of his two children who sat there watching and crying. He didn't commit any crime. So for them to just show up at my house? He's still in ice custody. Still no court date. We need to STOP RIPPING FAMILIES APART! if he was a hard on criminal I'd understand but he's not! He was a working man paying taxes! Please help me spread the word to keep Jeffrey in the USA. Venezuela is horrible right now!!!