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Hello Friends--

My name is George Gitschel. For the past 25-years, I’ve been on a mission to change the world by bringing an end to garbage. My dream is to first create a Waste Free™ Houston, then Waste-Free™ America and, ultimately, a Waste-Free™ World.

I have invented--and received 21 patents for--the “EcoHub”, an integrated recycling and green-manufacturing complex that transforms virtually everything you throw away into sustainable consumer products. Best part is, you don't have to separate your waste--my invention does that for you and recycles 95% of it.

We won a battle--with your help--but the war against Zero Waste by the landfill companies still goes on with a 'greenwashing' proposal to do pretend recycling.

To win this, we need Houston's City Council to pursue a true Zero Waste solution.

I came to Houston 6 years ago and offered to build the first EcoHub, which would recycle 95% of everything Houstonians threw away. All I asked Houston to provide was their garbage--at a lower cost than they were paying to landfill it. Nothing else. Just their garbage. At a lower cost than dumping it. AND we are offering tens of millions new revenues to the City to support vital city services, such as first-responders.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Houston agreed. I thought we were all set, until...

The $1 trillion waste industry got the politicians to renege on our deal. Now they are trying to push through a greenwash version that will allow them to keep landfilling 90% of everything they collect.


Thank you for for helping create a waste-free world!

With gratitude, George Gitschel



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