Reconstruct East Orem Road Dip

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The section of East Orem St. between Martin Luther King St. and Mykawa Road, includes two huge dips in the road. These dips regularly cause drivers traveling on East Orem (who are heading toward Mykawa Road) to lose control of their vehicles and crash into the adjacent Day Break Subdivision to the left or the vacant field to the right. The owners of the subdivision have installed a partial barricade that does not extend along the entire perimeter and numerous vehicles have since missed the existing partial barricade and driven into homes.

In the last three years, as a resident of the Day Break subdivision, I have witnessed roughly sixty car wrecks involving vehicles speeding over the road dips, losing control of their vehicles, and crashing into nearby telephone poles, fences, and homes in the Day Break Subdivision. The resulting accidents have resulted in serious injuries, property damage, and several deaths.

It is my call to action that the road dip is permanently reconstructed to remove the hazardous dips by leveling the steep decline in the road to a gradual inclined plane. I also ask for the installation of permanent speed awareness monitors on East Orem to deter speeding.

The office of Councilman Dwight Boykins and Houston Public Works have dismissed my requests to permanently reconstruct the hazardous portion of the road, instead adding thin patches of asphalt, which have not made the road safe but only made the issue worse.

Join me and make your voice heard before the Houston City Council! Please share this petition on social media as we raise awareness until the road dip is removed and our community is safe!

Thank you