Make Houston Astros Vacate 2017 WS

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The Houston Astros organization systematically circumvented the rule of play in the 2017 season to the point where they were able to swindle many teams out of a chance to vie for the World Series title. As such, the team should be required to vacate the 2017 WS Champion title and donate or distribute any fiscal benefits directly related to the WS “win” (e.g. WS Champs memorabilia sales, any bonuses distributed to the team and players who took part in cheating, etc...). The MLB’s actions are underwhelming in the face of such blatant rule breaking. The punishment must fit the crime and deter any future teams from participating in this kind of action. Please join me and many other like-minded baseball fans across the country to show the MLB that we will not be satisfied with anything less.