Housing NSW/FACS treatment of tenants

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Are you a tenant in a Housing NSW home?

Have you been intimidated, harassed and expereinced a violation of your rights as a tenants by Housing NSW staff?

Have you made complaints to Housing NSW and had your complaints go unanswered, ignored, or even covered up and lied about?

Have you tried avenue after avenue to be heard and listened to by Housing NSW about such concerns asd complaints, much needed repairs, and other issues that is your right as a tenant?

Do you feel let down by Housing NSW, demeened, demoralised, and feel you do not matter?

Are the following situations like yours? Can YOU relate to these situations?

If your answer is "YES", then sign this partition! And sign now!

"Or the CSO who failed to answer 12 emails over a period of 8 weeks - each asking the same question: "what further paperwork do you need?" The tenant zealously sought an answer but there was total silence from Housing. Two months later the tenant received an eviction notice for failing to provide paperwork. The tenant's file was marked with the comment "harassing Housing staff with emails..."
"And what about the vindictive Team Leader - when reported for misconduct, set out on a path of retaliation, spending hours (and countless $$) digging up tidbits of gossip in a cruel and relentless pursuit of the accuser."
"Garry Mallard, from the Tenants Support Network, says more actions could be brought by housing tenants against NSW Housing if tenants provided sufficient documentation. But he says one of the key reasons more actions aren't brought is because tenants feel increasingly disempowered. "When you have a clientele that is increasingly disaffected in some way from society, people who aren't coping very well, whether they be age-frail, mentally ill, physically ill in some way, all those things come together in one low socio-economic client group and those people are disempowered," he said. "They don’t feel they can represent themselves adequately."
"However, when faced with a bureaucrat who applies rules without compassion; who has no vested interest in the outcome; who is power hungry and using your situation to advance their career, things can turn nasty very quickly."

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