Housing Now! Tent City Support

Housing Now! Tent City Support

July 3, 2022
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Started by Kat Wombwell

Housing Now! Tent City Demands

1. Stop Evicting campers on city and region land
2. No more police at overdose emergency calls
3. Stop ALL drug related arrests
4. Decriminalize ALL drugs and expand Safe Supply by 50%.
5. Stop increasing the police budget
6. Use vacant properties in the Downtown Core for low-income housing
7. Provide low-income housing at 10% of income
8. Create space for housing alternatives in DTK
9. Create 1000 new low-income housing units in the Downtown care
10. Stop CAS child abductions from Indigenous, Black, and low-income families.
11. Sign over ownership of the bus terminal to the Indigenous community
12. Formally rename Willow River Park
13. Remove all colonial statues from the region; starting with Willow River Park


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Signatures: 26Next Goal: 50
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