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Housing NSW are refusing housing for a 12 yr old with severe medical needs.

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Heba is twelve years old, has two sisters and a brother and since she was born she has had to live with a severe medical defect of Spina Bifida-High Lumbar Myelomeningoceole, Shunted Hydrocephalus, Paraplegia, Neurological bladder and bowel problems, Progressive Scoliosis, Imperforate anus which is managed with a colostomy bag, Intellectual disabilities and sleep apnea and Is PERMANENTLY WHEELCHAIR DEPENDANT.

Her family have had to live in beyond unsuitable housing conditions in the normal private rental market of real estate and have been on the list for HOUSING NSW for over 10 years and they have not helped her in finding a house to live in that is modified for Heba.

Heba is now due for a complete spinal reconstruction and she will be bed bound for a long time and needs a hoist to life her, care for her post ops, as it is going to be very invasive. Her mother and father have been lifting her manually with no medical equipment for over ten years and are now suffering from herniated disc problems and social withdrawal from the stress of having to find suitable housing in the rental market which is rare due to the high rising costs of rental repayments and applications made for a single property in the Canterbury- Bankstown area.

Housing NSW will not provide my sister with a house, as they claim "there is NOTHING AVAILABLE', and choose to help with her payments for rent - however!

They conclude that the benchmark and maximum they will assist with a house and rental payments in the area they need is no more than $600 per week for a four bedroom house! which is not possible for a wide space, open plan house that can be wheelchair accessible for Heba. Enough is enough! I am not going to let my sister and my niece suffer anymore something needs to be done for this family.

Heba has legitimate medical needs and deserves the best possible care she can get! please sign this petition to help me and my sister get housing NSW (Bankstown Office) to provide them with a suitable modified home they deserve!

Her current living situation which is completely unliveable Skinny and tiny hallways, a bedroom with equipment she cannot use due to the size of the bedroom and now we are going to resort not having a lounge room to accommodate her needs of her medical equipment.

This is what the private rental market have for rent these days .. which is very very hard to even get approved in the first place unless you have connections or money upfront in the thousands for rent! We even have constant letters of recommendations from the Occupational therapists to get housing to help and Drs from Westmead Hospital as well as case workers and local community leaders but housing has not budged or bothered to even sympathise with their situation instead just being hasty.

My sister has countless pages of records for houses she applies for via real estate and gets denied because these days owners do not want families in nice big houses and would much rather a four-bedroom house for people with one child... which is making life difficult for them to even be considered to get accepted to rent despite their impeccable rental records of perfect tenancies the past ten years. 

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