Housing is a human right!


Housing is a human right!

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Ellisa Parker started this petition to Toowoomba Regional Council (Chief Executive Officer Toowoomba Regional Council PO Box 3021, Toowoomba QLD 4350) and

We request that our leaders collaborate to establish Tiny home villages throughout the Toowoomba Region. Amendments to local development planning schemes in addition to amendments to state / federal legislation would allow these facilities to be established and managed.

The goal of these emergency housing villages is to prevent, reduce and eliminate poverty, hunger, and homelessness by offering immediate assistance and long-term solutions. 

A tiny home provides security and peace of mind, allowing residents to lock their personal belongings and leave their shelter to engage in their community, access jobs, and participate in other critical activities. Without safe and secure accomodation victims of homelessness are known to suffer from repeated trauma and PTSD which highly inhibits their ability to contribute to society. 

Every night in the Toowoomba Region approximately 1000 people, including children are sleeping rough. Rental affordability, mental health, low employment rates, and domestic violence are all key factors that lead to homelessness. 

This WOULD NOT eliminate the need for homeless support services, it would INCREASE THEIR EFFECTIVENESS and be a practical part of the social housing puzzle. 

There are many global cases of this type of solution AND IT WORKS.

https://www.hopeofthevalley.org/tinyhomes : City of Los Angeles USA

https://www.shareable.net/11-tiny-house-villages-redefining-home : Cat Johnson|February 9, 2021

Available case studies demonstrate that :

1. Land is to be Council/state or crown land. The landowner facilitates service connections such as power, water, and sewerage. 

2. Tiny homes are professionally built by reputable contractors at a sustainable fair price of approximately $5000 each.

3. Projects can then be managed by respective LOCAL service providers. 

Please sign this petition if you believe housing is a human right. 


This petition made change with 18,110 supporters!

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