Deconcretize India to conserve water and environment

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As it is clearly evident that India is facing the worst water crisis ever in history with Bangaluru set to become the Capetown of India and groundwater levels falling at an alarming rate. The situation is so serious that according to a report published by IMD, over 51% of India is facing drought like situation with the National capital set to exhaust it's groundwater by as soon as next year i.e. 2020. Also the average temperature in  most parts of India is constantly soaring. Excessive concretization can be blamed for this which has resulted in cities being no more sustainable and as a result are no more than a concrete jungle. This concretization including unwanted pavements along roads restricts the rainfall to seep into ground but results in water logged roads and public spaces giving rise to several diseases and becoming a breeding site for mosquitoes. De-concretization and planting of grass and trees along roads and in public spaces is the only way ahead that not only will increase the ground water table but will also combat air pollution by trapping the dust particles in the air and reducing air pollution to a great extent as according to a study by IIT Kanpur, dust particles contribute 40% in Delhi's alarming air pollution. The need of the hour is to ensure minimal concretization and maximum greenery starting with newly built main stretches and highways expanding upto internal arteries as well as replacing concrete blocks along existing built infrastructure with grass and trees. There is a immediate need for a environmental policy as the country faces a water scarcity emergency and depletion of natural resources. 

Your vote is extremely precious to make our cities sustainable and combat water scarcity. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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