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Something needs to be done about Social Services and the lives they ruin.

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since iv been involved with social services they have made my life hell on earth.they left me and my 3 young children in a cold damp mould house for weeks at a time. nothing got done to improve the my opinon I was given a in experienced social worker that should been more experienced when dealing with the issued I put forward.they don't make you feel like a good parent all they say in negative things with made think twice as a parent. what infuriates me is that you see kids being killed all the time and nothing is done to prevent this from happening.i made one mistake which led to my kids being taken into care.i think my kids should be returned home my life isn't the same I see my boys once a week for one hour which in my eyes isn't long enough I think the system and the way its works is ridulous and something needs to be done because they are ruining families and there judgment is so poor so why are they being listened to still.they automaticly stamp people the same which should be allowed they look at me and my partner like the mosters you see on the news all the time . I love my boys and so hard because no one listens to people like me and they continue to get away with all the lies and wrong decions they make.and also at one contact we brought them a packet if crisp each and a drink what iv being for the past 10months and now all off a sudden we cant take them anything anymore but iv saw other parents take stuff we feel we are being  victimized so they stopped the contact over a bag of crisp which left me and my partner very distraught seen as we have to wait a week to see our children.and they lie and tell people we don't care about are kids when they don't even know us.and also my partner was making my youngest son laugh at a contact session and he was to stop being loud which is wrong because the kids are happy to see us they make feel so uncomfortable when you around them.

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