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A cry for comfort in my own home

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As a young girl of 18 with rheumatoid Arthritis, it's safe to say I struggle with aspects of daily life that my peers find amazingly simple.

Morning stiffness especially is a common symptom which leaves me struggling to move in the morning. I set an alarm to wake me up an hour or two before I have to actually get up out of bed so I can slowly move my leg and expand my range of motion so that I can walk by the time I get to lectures.

I have a signed a contract to live in a house with 5 girls whom I thought were my friends. 3 of them do not believe I deserve an upstairs room. There are four upstairs rooms. Now both bathrooms of the house are upstairs. When I'm experiencing morning stiffness or have a flare up, I will be resting and only leaving my bed to go to the bathroom, and times like this I cannot conquer the stairs. 

This may sound like an odd case to petition for but the problem here is the girls do not believe my excuse is good enough. It would be great to just see other people supporting my reasoning so these girls can realise their logic is flawed and only themselves agree with each other and No one else.

I have sent them letters from my doctor with my diagnosis, they have come with me to A&E in the middle of the night when my arthritis medications were acting up, I do not know how to make these girls realise the effect of arthritis on every day life but perhaps your support can be the way to show them that they really should give me one of the upstairs rooms. 

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