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Replace John Boehner as the Speaker of the House of Representatives

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The Republican Party has lost its way. In essence, it is the equivalent of France during the Munich Conference of 1938. At the time of the conference, the French Army could have overpowered the German Wehrmacht. One year later, it could not. Currently, the Democratic Party figure head, Barack Hussein Obama, is acting as the Munich 'Teppichfresser', a German word which means carpet-chewer. The President in a manner similar to Adolph Hitler, screams, yells, pounds his fist, and possibly chews carpet, as he demonizes and threatens his Republican opponents.for having the audacity of having an opposing view. In this scenario, John Boehner has become the American version of Edward Deladier, the French Prime Minister and its representative at Munich in 1938. In a manner similar to Boehner's behavior today, Daladier was overpowered by the ramblings of a German despot. He could have called Hitler's bluff but instead, gave in to all German demands. The United States does not need at this critical time in its history, an American version of Deladier. We need a Speaker of the House who will call Barack Hussein Obama's bluff. And John Boehner is clearly not the person to do it!

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