Stop Online Sex Trafficking of Children

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Up to 80% of sex trafficked children are sold online through internet sites.Craiglist has voluntarily shut down it's Adult section to help stop internet sex trafficking; however, hid behind the 1st Amendment, Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act (CDA) avoiding the closure of their Adult services winning several lawsuits until July, 2017 when they were finally ordered to shut down the site and are currently being prosecuted. "The Allow State and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017" will amend the CDA by 1) Eliminating provisions that shields operators of websites from being liable for content posted by 3rd parties/users, and 2) Allow state prosecutors, not just federal law enforcement, to take action against individuals and businesses that use websites to violate federal sex trafficking laws.

While sex workers and free speech advocates argue against the bill saying it violates the 1st amendment and greatly affects the sex worker industry, prostitution is currently illegal throughout most of the US. By passing this bill, the horrors done to innocent children will greatly be impacted. The protection of children is far greater than the need for safer, more convenient adult sex sales services. Adult sex workers argue that the internet is safer than walking the streets. However, as a nation we need to protect these children and put a stop to the growing industry of sex trafficking. Passing this bill will provide the legislation needed to derail this horrific industry.

Congresswomen Ann Wagner, R-Mo proclaims, "Congress never intended for Section 230 to give a free pass to the retailers of America's children, and we must address the judicial interpretation of the law and provide a voice for the most vulnerable in our society. This legislation gives U.S. law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and victims the tools they need to help dismantle the human trafficking trade in the United States."

If this bill does not pass, we risk the given that future internet providers will  create new sites, only taking the place of and providing a conduit for trafficking enabling the sex traffickers and those who purchase children for sex.

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