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Oppose Josepha Madigans bill to block freedom of speech on Social Media.

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Josepha Madigans TD's proposal for a Contempt of Court Bill in relation to Social Media is a clear attack on people's freedom of speech.

Traditional Media and Social Media are not one in the same and should not be treated the same in law.

Traditional Media is: One-way conversation, Closed system, Opaque, Mass marketing, Professional content, Polished content, Paid platform, actors/ Celebrities, Economic decision-making, Controlled communication, Pre-produced/ scheduled, Formal language, Passive involvement, poor analytics, Paid

Social Media is: Two-way conversation, open system, transparent, One-on-one marketing, About you, Authentic content, FREE platform, community decision-making, Unstructured communication, Real time creation, Informal language, Active involvement, deep analytics, paid owned earned.

It has been stated on record that social media had zero impact on the Jobstown trial as the decision was based on video evidence and nearly 10 weeks of deliberations from defence and prosecution.The Jobstown 6 were found unanimously NOT guilty based on THAT evidence.

If this Bill were to go ahead it sets a dangerous precedent for not only commenting on cases before the courts being made illegal on a SOCIAL platform but could also make any expression of opinion/criticism illegal.

Ironically this Bill has come about at the same time a Prof of Political Science at a US University was ("allegedly") stopped and cautioned by two members of the Irish police force for comments/tweets made in relation to the Minister for Social Protection's  personal affairs even though the information was true and readily available to the public. The alleged crime, "she didn't like what was being said", the very same Minister for Social Protection also contacted the head of Facebook Ireland over users "abusive posts" and how they could be stopped, to which she was told they can't. Such is the price of holding a public office and being paid handsomely by said public.

These are not hallmarks of a free and open society or Democracy, this is more reminiscent to the rise of fascism.


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