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Petitioning House of Representatives, the Senate, the President of U.S.

They do not deserve a raise.

a petition to impeach the entire membership of the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the President of the United States for dereliction of duties and for having the gall to accept an automatic pay raise which takes effect tomorrow. These are the most unproductive and unpatriotic legislative bodies in the history of our nation. They have done nothing to help the middle class, the poor and unemployed or the wealthy (except for themselves) by their bluster and blowing. All they have accomplished is to compromise our retirement funds, compromise the reputation of our country and compromise the world economy by their inability to put aside politics and focus on the good of our nation. The United States of America is better than this and deserves better leadership than these bungling, pretend legislators. They do not deserve a raise. They should give back their salaries for the last three years. This message will now serve as a petition for impeachment.

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  • House of Representatives, the Senate, the President of U.S.

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