House of Representatives: Support the Health Coach Resolution

Update: The U.S. Senate PASSED the Health Coach Resolution (S.Res.67). Please thank Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) for his outstanding support of Health and Wellness Coaches. 

We ask the House of Representatives follow the Senate's lead and pass their Health Coach Resolution (H.Res.121). 

We have a health care crisis. Would you be surprised to learn that:

  • more than 1/3 (34.9%) of U.S. adults are obese;
  • over 29 million people in the U.S. have diabetes;
  • 40% of Americans are sleep deprived;
  • 20-40% of deaths in the U.S. could be prevented; and
  • all of the above could be prevented?

In the U.S. alone, $4 trillion will be spent on health care just this year. Sadly, only 2% goes towards prevention. Considering the facts above, something needs to be done. Someone needs to help.   

There is a force, a guide, an educator, a new kind of wellness professional who is a catalyst for change – the Health Coach.

Health Coaches work with their clients to make sizable shifts from unhealthy habits to sustainable habits for long-lasting health.  

The current health care system is not sustainable and Health Coaches will work alongside other practitioners to rectify our current healthcare crisis. 

But they can’t do it alone. They need your help. 

Here’s more information about how you can help:

We want every member of Congress to sign the Health and Wellness Coach Resolution and show their support.

We need you to take action.

While traditional healthcare continues to address disease largely brought on by poor life-style choices with new drugs and costly interventions, there is a growing movement embracing a holistic approach with food and lifestyle changes as the new prescription of choice.  

Join the movement. Tell Congress to support the Health and Wellness Coach Resolution! 

Sign the petition here to have the letter below sent directly to your members of Congress to show your support! 


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