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Gain Support for The DREAM Act

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The United States has roughly 800,000 people known as "Dreamers", or people who are directly supported by the DREAM Act. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act was proposed in 2001, and was re-proposed in July of 2017. This re-proposal includes a three step method for the people the bill would affect.

Step One: Conditional Permanent Residence: this status may be kept for 8 years if person:

-Entered USA at or under the age of 18

-Entered the USA four years prior to the enactment of the Act

-Have not been convicted of a crime within a year

-Person has obtained GED or high school diploma or is in school to obtain 

Step Two: Lawful Permanent Residence: must meet at least one of the following guidelines to apply:

-Higher Education: at least 2 years of higher education

-Military Service: at least 2 years of military service

-Work: demonstrates employment over a 3 year period

*If not met because of hardship/disability, person can apply for "hardship waiver"*

Step Three: Naturalization:

-Can apply for USA citizenship after having Lawful Permanent Residence status for 5 years

*According to Migration Policy Institute, as many as 3.4 million individuals would qualify under the 2017 version of the DREAM Act.*

This bill could change the lives of all Americans around the country, as these "Dreamers" are a huge part of the United States economy and culture. While the DREAM Act does not affect all directly, everyday life for all would be changed without those that this Act serves

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