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Fully Fund NASA's Commercial Crew and Space Technology Programs

President Obama released his budget for NASA last month. This proposes a funding increase for two NASA programs: Commercial Crew, and Space Technology. These two programs are of hugely great importance to our national technological capabilities, economic capacities, and cutting edge innovations. If you disagree, just take a look at the spinoffs document that NASA publishes each year ( The technologies that NASA research has led to that we take for granted every day include, but are certainly not limited to: Lasik surgery scratch resistant lenses, Cordless power tools, Water filters/purification, CAT scanners, Satellite television, Invisible braces, Adjustable smoke detectors, the drive to miniaturize electronics…

The president’s budget requests $827 million for Commercial Crew, and $699 million for Space Technology. But some in Congress have, predictably, already been criticizing the request. Reducing the funding for these programs decreases our capacity for innovation in a way that is detrimental to our economy and ability to inspire tomorrow’s STEM professionals (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Luckily, the House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations allows all Congresspersons to submit “programmatic” funding requests to fully fund, increase, and/or cut the level of funding given for any and all discretionary federal program (including Commercial Crew, and Space Technology). Members of Congress cannot ask for specific projects because of an earmark ban, but they can ask the House Committee on Appropriations to provide full funding for “Commercial Crew” and “Space Technology” programs within NASA.

These requests are due to be turned in by any Member of Congress by 5pm on Tuesday, March 20th. Sign this petition to let your local Representative to submit a request for full funding for Commercial Crew and Space Technology. Find your local representative by going here:

Tell them that:
• You are a constituent of theirs
• That you would like your Congressperson to request that the House Appropriations Committee fully fund NASA’s Commercial Crew and Space Technology programs
• And, that you would like your Congressperson to turn in a Programmatic Funding Request to the Commerce, Justice, Science Subcommittee of the Approprations Committee on the Committee’s website (

For more information on contacting your representative, please go here:

Also, go sign the “Penny 4 NASA” petition here: 

For more information go to: 

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