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I want to change the laws to make it legal to keep domesticated Foxes and to be able to help injured or sick Foxes by getting these barbaric laws changed. At the present all foxes are classified as vermin and have to be destroyed. They are not entitled to veterinary care if injured  Rescuing foxes is now illegal
- Rehoming foxes is now illegal
- Foxes in need are unable to legal access vet care
- Transporting foxes (even for veterinary care) is illegal
- All foxes who are orphaned and injured are now meant to be euthanised.

I have 2 Little red foxes (Bob and George ) that I have had since they were born their eyes were still shut and another little man Ralphie that was handed to me to care for after being traumatised by a young hunter after shooting his Mum. His dad handed him to a carer and she gave him to me. I want to save them. I love my boys and they love me. They can do no harm to anything as they are well contained. If I loose this fight for them they die!!!!! just because they’re a Fox. Please Please sign this petition so we can get these barbaric laws changed.